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Scholarship CBA illustration course

Calling on illustrators and aspiring illustrators of children’s books. Here’s a scholarship for the game-changing illustration course: THE CRAFT AND BUSINESS OF ILLUSTRATING CHILDREN’S BOOKS by the Children’s Book Academy and the amazing Mira Reisberg. 

Scholarship Criteria:

a. If you identify as being of color, or LBGQTI, or as having a disability, or are a member of a group who are currently underrepresented in the children’s publishing industry, you can apply.

b. Also, low income folks who might not be able to take this course otherwise, as well as  SCBWI Regional Advisors, ARAs, and Illustrator Coordinators and children’s librarians  can also apply.

Here’s all that you need to do:

1. Using your funniest or most lyrical language, say something lovely about yourself
2. Describe how you meet the scholarship criteria
3. Include your website if you have one, or email 3 images labeled with your name and “CBICB” in the subject line to mira@childrensbookacademy.com
4. Talk about how you are going to give back by helping your fellow students and the Academy by participating in the group and helping us spread the word about our offerings
5. State if you are agented or if you’ve been previously published

It’s open till August 4. Do not miss it!

For more information about the scholarship, click on the link below:


For more information about the course, see this post or click on this link:



Course Alert: The Craft and Business of Illustrating Children’s Books 2020

cba illustration courseimage


Are you an illustrator or an aspiring illustrator? Are you looking for a professional course taught by industry giants? Are you looking for a network of illustrators? Do you want to learn in a professional and warm environment? Do you want the chance to show your work to agents/editors? Then this course is for you.

Run by the very kind and fabulous Editor/Art Director, Mira Reisberg of the Children’s Book Academy, with Illustrator Larissa Marantz and Art Director Andrea Miller, it is the opportunity of a lifetime!

I’m currently taking my second course with the Academy (the Middle Grade Mastery)! I highly recommend it!!

It starts August 3.

Besides all the wonderful things you’ll learn from this course, plus the chance to meet other illustrators and get new critique partners, there’s the almighty Golden Ticket: A chance to pitch to agents, editors and art directors!!!!!!

Click on this link for more information:


Try it, thank me later.