Hi, I am Ugo Anidi and I am a storyteller.

Writer, Reader, Reviewer of Children’s Books.


About Me.

Welcome to my world of books!

I love books for children: sniffing them, reading them, copying the illustrations in them, hugging and sleeping with them, writing them, talking to them, acquiring them (Once upon a time, i had a library of over 700 books! I have since given them away. I think we’re at a modest 150 now :-)).

Now, I read, write, and review books for children.

My writing career began in primary school where I wrote and illustrated chapter books and sold them to my classmates. My head is firmly buried in the clouds except when I have to teach Law at the University of Nigeria (as Dr. Ugochinyelu Anidi, alter ego), act as a referee between my sons (I have 3) and serve as the Regional Advisor of the Nigerian Chapter of the SCBWI.


Reviews for Writers

The menu is a mix of French regional cuisines, and the menu changes with the seasons. Be sure to ask about the daily specials!

Popular Posts

SCBWI Summer Spectacular 2020

I’m going to the SCBWI Summer Spectacular!!! Whoop whoop!! The SCBWI summer conference will kick off today, July 31st at 4pm PDT (12am WAT) with a conversation between The Phillip Pullman and Arthur Levine.
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Meet the Author: Victoria Afe Inegbedion

Today from 7pm – 8pm , I will have a conversation with debut author Victoria Afe Inegbedion on IGLive!! Her brand spanking new book for preteen and teen girls “A-Files” published by Narrative Landscape Press just hit the book stands!!
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I WON!!!

I WON a query critique from James McGowan of the BookEnds Literary Agency at yesterday’s #PBFest on Twitter. Whoop Whoop!! Many thanks to James McGowan, Justin Colon of #PBChat and the #PBFest Family
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