Hello Universe

Title: Hello Universe  Author: Erin Entrada Kelly Publisher: Greenwillow Books Number of pages: 320 Type of Book: Fiction, adventure, drama, contemporary Genre: Middle Grade Age: 8 – 12 Buy it here: Price: $10.49 MY SUMMARY This heartwarming tale follows the lives of 4 very different kids with distinct loveable traits, Virgil (the shy one), Valencia (the courageous, … Continue reading Hello Universe

Akuko Baibulu Nso Maka Umuntakiri/Umuaka

Title: Akuko Baibulu Nso Maka Umuntakiri/Umuaka Author: Ezinwanne Christiana Az’fredrick Mbanu (PhD) Publisher:  Supreme Publishers Number of pages: 226 Type of Book: Non-fiction, Christian, Middle Grade, African. Age: 8+ Buy it here: Price: N3,000 MY SUMMARY This a delightful book of bible stories for children 8 years above. It has a good mix of old testament … Continue reading Akuko Baibulu Nso Maka Umuntakiri/Umuaka


Title: Holes Author: Louis Sachar Publisher:  Bloomsbury Publishing Number of pages: 233  Type of Book: Middle Grade, Fairytale, Folktale, Adventure, Mystery.  Age: 10+ Buy it here: and @thebookwormcafeng on Instagram. Price: $ 8.49 or N3000 MY SUMMARY Stanley Yelnats and all his family members have bad luck, it is so bad that Stanley ends up in … Continue reading Holes

Dada Ade and the Good Hair Fairy

Title: Dada Ade and the Good Hair Fairy Author: Venessa Scholtz Publisher:  Farafina Tuuti Number of pages: 24 Type of Book: Picture Book, African, African Folktales. Age: 4 – 8 Buy it here:; @thebookwormcafeng on Instagram. Price: N1,000 MY SUMMARY In this book by the 2016 Golden Baobab picture book award-winner Venessa Scholtz, the reader embarks … Continue reading Dada Ade and the Good Hair Fairy


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