Okiojo’s Chronicles: 1897

Title: Okiojo’s Chronicles: 1897

Author: Adeniyi Adeniji

Art: Sunkanmi Akinboye

Publisher: Panaramic Comics

Number of pages: 21

Type of Book: Creative Non-Fiction, History

Age: 8+

Buy it here http://www.okadabooks.com/book/about/okiojos_chronicles__vol2__1897_the_benin_kingdom/10788; TerraKulture: Plot 1376 Tiamiyu Savage, Victoria Island, Lagos; https://www.amazon.com/Okiojos-Chronicles-1897-Benin-Kingdom-ebook/dp/B01FSPZ7PY; read it online here: http://guardian.ng/opinion/okiojos-chronicles-the-benin-kingdom-1/

Price: N200; N200; $1:99


Okiojo’s Chronicles is a comic series featuring stories rich in Nigerian history and culture and told by a wise and all-knowing old man called Okiojo. 1897, one of the comics in this series tells the story of the ancient Benin Kingdom, a kingdom rich in culture, wealth and people that thrived for over six centuries. In the 19th century, this kingdom was strong enough to stay independent of the British rule until a fateful day in February 1897. In what became known as the Benin Massacre, a thoughtless British soldier heading a group of over 200 people entered the kingdom without authorization from the British and the Oba and all but 2 men were killed by Benin warriors. The Benin Massacre maddened the British and in retaliation, they sent over 1200 soldiers to the Kingdom, capturing and killing its men, women and children and looting its treasures (thousands of artworks and artefacts), thereby bringing an end to one of the oldest and most advanced civilizations in West Africa at the time.


UP: One word: History! A wise man or woman once said that you can’t know where your going if you don’t know where you’ve come from.

DOWN: None or maybe one: I wish it were a book with a longer story, basically, more information.


5 Stars


  1. The story is set in the ancient Kingdom of Benin
  2. The ancient Benin Kingdom was wiped out, burned and looted and the Oba Ovonranwen sacked in February 1897.
  3. In 1897, the ancient Benin Kingdom had been in existence for over six centuries.
  4. The Benin Massacre? The killing, by Benin warriors, of a group consisting of over 200 people led by the British Lt. James Philip. The British retaliated by wiping out the entire Benin Kingdom.
  5. ‘Ma rie okuo!! Okuo!’ literally ‘We are at war! War!’ The Benin warriors roared this line on the battlefield.
  6. The treasures take from Benin Kingdom and sold all over the world: over 900 bronze statues (including the ancient ivory and bronze Queen Idia mask*) and over 2000 religious artifacts.

Visit Okiojo the all-knowing and all wise here: http://www.panaramiconline.com/comics

CHALLENGE: Okiojo’s Chronicles: 1897


  1. Write a 500-word essay on the Benin Kingdom before 1897. (8 – 9 year olds)


  1. Draw a 5-paged comic strip on the Benin Kingdom before 1897.


  1. Write a 900-word essay on the Benin Kingdom before 1897 (10 -12 year olds)


  1. Draw a 5-paged comic strip on the Benin Kingdom before 1897

Send your answers to ugochinyelu.anidi@gmail.com

Entry requirements: Entrants must be within the 8-12 age range. The first correct entry will be announced on this page and will win a copy of this book.

Answers must be submitted before 12:00am on Sunday, January 22nd 2017.

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*This mask is currently on display at the British Museum

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photo credit: amazon.com and panaramiconline.com

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