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Dear Pint-sized Bookworms (and their mummies, daddies, aunties, uncles and teachers),

Happy New Year!!!!

Hope you had a great holiday! I did!

  1. We’re back! 

So, the holiday is over (yay!) and we’re up and running again! And this year, we’ll be bigger and better! Please visit our Blog schedule page here to get reacquainted with our basic plan for the year.

  1. The PSBW 2017 Reading Challenge

It’s the first month of the year! The month of making resolutions. So let’s put one more resolution up on that list: Participate in the PSBW 2017 Reading Challenge. 

It’s pretty simple, pick a reading plan below, draw up a reading list and start reading!!

(Let us know how you’re faring for a chance to win the PSBW 2017 Reading Challenge Prize and get a PSBW 2017 Reading Challenge Certificate at the end of the Year!!*)

Reading Plan

Good Bookworm: This plan is trés simple. One book One month. 12 books/year.

Super Bookworm: This plan is for avid readers. Two Books One month. 24 books/year.

Super Duper Bookworm: This plan requires A LOT of commitment. Four Books One Month. 48 books/year.

Reading List

Not sure what to read, simple look at our review list for different age groups: 8-12 years; 4-8 years;  0-4 years.


We can help you create a personalized reading list based on your/your child’s age and interests. Simply send an email to us with the subject: Reading List/ 2017 Reading Challenge.

#PSBWReadingChallenge2017! Let’s get cracking!

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Till then, keep reading!!

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