Title: A FUN ABC

Author: Sade Fadipe

Publisher: Cassava Republic Press

Number of pages: 32

Type of Book: Fiction; Rhyme

Age: 0 – 4; 4 -5

Available here: http://www.cassavarepublic.biz/products/a-fun-abc; https://www.amazon.com/Fun-ABC-Sade-Fadipe/dp/1911115154/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1480565078&sr=8-1&keywords=a+fun+abc+sade+fadipe

Price: N1,000; $4:93


This book tells the story of a little girl Adanah who visits her grandfather in the village while on break from school. Adanah drives through the country side with her dad, buying fruits and taking pictures of the sights: drummers, dancers, cattle and cattle rearers. At her granddad’s she fetches water at the pump, plays in the rain, makes crowns out of hay and listens to stories by Auntie Sumbo. This ABC book is one with a difference. Written for the Nigerian child or the child who wishes to learn about Nigeria, it uses a great story, vibrant illustrations, rhyme and visual puzzles to introduce the letters of the alphabet. This is the best ABC book – African and otherwise – I’ve read ever and I’ve read my fair share of ABC books and reviewed a few too. See here and here.  Read the book to learn about the alphabets as well as Adanah’s holiday adventure.


UP: This ABC book has so many highlights.

  • It reinforces letter identification by showing lots of objects starting with the same letter on each page. For example, the first page, introducing the letter ‘A’ has Aero plane, Apple, Avocado, a map of Africa.
  • It uses familiar objects which are seen and/or used by little Nigerian children every day!
  • Adanah also takes part in activities which the average Nigerian children is familiar with such as sweeping, fetching water, playing in the rain, sleeping under a mosquito net, and listening to stories told by an older aunt or uncle or grandparent.
  • It uses a story – and a good one too- to teach the alphabets. It’s not just another ABC book filled with disconnected words and objects.
  • Shedrach Ayalomeh’s illustrations brought the words in the book to life. They are vibrant, spread generously across the book and children will find them delightful. Adults will love them too. They reminded me so much of my childhood.
  • Another highlight was the use of rhyme.

I love love love this book and I recommend for Nigerian babies, toddlers and little kids as well as lovers of Nigeria.

DOWN: None.


5 Stars


  1. Sade Fadipe is a primary school teacher! It’s little wonder the book is such a treat!!


  • Try to find all the objects starting with the same letter. Letter B has over 10 objects: Basket, Bucket, Broom, Ball, Bed, Balloon, Blanket, Bear, Bracelets, Bulb, Blocks, Books!



  1. How many objects starting with the letter ‘H’ are featured on page 8 of the book. (2 -3 year olds)
  2. Identify and name three objects starting with the letter ‘H’, featured on page 8 of the book. (4 – 5 year olds)

Send your answers to ugochinyelu.anidi@gmail.com

Entry requirements: Entrants must be within the 2 – 5 age range. The first correct entry will be announced on this page and will win a copy of this book.

Answers must be submitted before 12:00am on Thursday, December 7th 2016.

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