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Title: AS YOU LIKE IT (found in Lamb’s Tales from Shakespeare)

Author: William Shakespeare/Charles and Mary Lamb

Publisher: Dover Publications/Penguin Classics

Number of pages: 96/304

Type of Book: Classic, Fiction, Play

Age: 8+

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Price: $3.00; N1500


A rich Athenian dies, leaving behind two sons, Oliver and Orlando. Oliver inherits the father’s wealth, maltreats his younger brother and eventually tries to kill him in a wrestling match. Orlando wins the match much to Oliver’s chagrin, and he catches the eye of Rosalind, a local maiden. The two immediately fall in love. However, Orlando discovers that Oliver plans to burn him and his house and escapes to the Forest of Arden where he meets Duke Senior.

Duke Senior, Rosalind’s father having lost his lands and title to his sneaky younger brother Frederick has been living in exile in the forest of Arden. His daughter, Rosalind however lives with the wicked brother and his daughter Celia who incidentally is Rosalind’s best friend.

One day, Duke Frederick decides that Rosalind has become a threat to his daughter, so he throws her out of his court. Rosalind and Celia take to the Forest of Arden as well (it really seems to be a place of refuge for everyone). Rosalind disguises as a young man, Ganymede, to ward of thieves and the likes while Celia disguises as his sister. There they eventually meet Orlando and Duke Senior. Ganymede becomes Orlando’s friend and teaches him how to woo the love of his life (herself in disguise) while trying to ward off the advances of a lady in the same forest. Read the book to find out the drama that unfolds!


UP: Shakespeare had a thing for romantic comedies and this is one of them. With a heartwarming love story and some funny characters, it’s the perfect holiday read for the little bookworm who loves Shakespeare. Like other plays of this nature there are at least three couples/weddings at the end of the play. Guaranteed to make you smile, laugh and marvel at human nature. I recommend for all the members of the family.

DOWN: None


4.5 Stars


  1. What Oliver does as soon as their father dies? He stops paying for Orlando’s education, treats him like a servant and eventually tries to kill him.
  2. What Oliver does after his second plan to kill Orlando fails? He decides to try a third time so he follows Orlando to the forest of Arden with the intent to kill him there.
  3. Rosalind discovers this to be one of the major consequences of wearing a disguise: A local shepherdess Phoebe falls in love with her believing her to a boy!
  4. Why did Duke Frederick eject Rosalind from his court? Because he felt she was getting more popular than his daughter Celia
  5. Who is Ganymede? Rosalind, dressed as a boy.
  6. How does Ganymede help Orlando? He teaches him how to be a good suitor/husband to Rosalind, i.e. how to woo her.

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  1. Imagine waking up and realizing that you were lost as a child and you’re really a Prince/Princess, then write a short 600-word story describing life as a prince/princess


  1. Write a 100-word short poem about jealousy.

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Entry requirements: Entrants must be within the 8-12 age range. The first correct entry will be announced on this page and will win a copy of this book.

Answers must be submitted before 12:00am on Sunday, June 6th 2016.

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