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Title: A Winter’s Tale (found in Lamb’s Tales from Shakespeare)

Author: William Shakespeare

Publisher: Dover Publications/Penguin Classics

Number of pages: 112/304

Type of Book: Classic, Fiction, Play

Age: 8+

Buy it here: https://www.laternabooks.com/laterna_product_details.php?v=17883&c=111; http://www.amazon.com/Winters-Tale-Dover-Thrift-Editions/dp/0486411184 ; free download here (unabridged version for older readers): http://shakespeare.mit.edu/winters_tale/full.html

Price: N1500; $3.00; 7.99 GBP


A tale of woes really. The King Leontes of Sicily, in a fit of jealousy imprisons his pregnant wife and tries to poison his friend, King Polixenes of Bohemia because he believes the two are having an affair. His friend escapes however the wife doesn’t. She gives birth to a little girl, Perdita while in prison and dies shortly afterwards during her public trial. Her first son dies during this trial as well. Meanwhile, King Leontes, believing Perdita to be a product of the suspected affair abandons the child. She ends up in Bohemia and is found and raised by a shepherd. Sixteen years later, she meets and falls in love with the only son of King Polixenes, Prince Florizel. Florizel loves Perdita but Polixenes doesn’t approve of this union because they all think Perdita is a commoner and so the lovebirds decide to run away, to Sicily! Read the book to find out how the King Leontes is reunited with his long lost daughter and to see the unexpected but very happy twist at the end of the book!


UP: It evoked a lot of feelings from me. It’s funny and sad at the same time. I remember heaving a sigh of relief after reading this story some 20 years ago.  Great ending. I recommend for all the members of the family.

DOWN: None


4.5 Stars


  1. Why did King Leontes try to poison King Polixenes? Because he thought Polixenes was having an affair with his wife.
  2. This person falls in love with Perdita but is forbidden to marry her by his father? Prince Florizel, the son of King Polixenes.
  3. Who is Antigonus and what became of him? King Leontes’ servant. He was charged with the task of getting rid of Perdita. A bear ate him.
  4. Apollo’s Oracle had this message for King Leontes: You will not have an heir until you find your daughter, Perdita.
  5. What is the origin of the name, Perdita?! It’s a Latin word meaning LOST.

Visit William Shakespeare here: http://www.shakespeare-online.com

Read the book here: http://shakespeare.mit.edu/winters_tale/full.html

CHALLENGE: A Winter’s Tale


  1. Imagine waking up and realizing that you were lost as a child and you’re really a Prince/Princess, then write a short 600-word story describing life as a prince/princess


  1. Write a 100-word short poem about jealousy.

Send your answers to ugochinyelu.anidi@gmail.com

Entry requirements: Entrants must be within the 8-12 age range. The first correct entry will be announced on this page and will win a copy of this book.

Answers must be submitted before 12:00am on Sunday, May 29th 2016.

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