Matilda-9780141346342Title:  Matilda

Author: Roald Dahl

Publisher: Puffin books                   

Number of pages: 240        

Type of Book: Fiction

Age: 8+

Available here: or Plot 12 Johnson Street, Off Bode Thomas Road, Surulere, Lagos, Nigeria and

Price: N1580 and N840

MY SUMMARY (without the ending):

This book is about a 5-year-old but do not be deceived, your 8-year-old may not be able to read it without a dictionary and/or some adult supervision.

Matilda is an absolutely delightful story about a tiny little genius called Matilda. Matilda is a well-behaved, mild-mannered child born to the nastiest set of parents in the world and schooling in a primary school with a most monstrous headmistress. Matilda’s parents are more interested in their work (Matilda’s Father), games (Matilda’s mother) and their son than their little girl. Miss Trunchbull her headmistress, hates little children and is fond of picking them up and throwing them out of windows or locking them in dark cupboards. In the midst of the madness and cruelty that she lives in, Matilda makes new friends and discovers that she has magical powers, which she uses to play (sometimes outrageous) practical jokes on her ‘enemies’: her parents and Miss Trunchbull.


UP: Humour! The book made me laugh and laugh and laugh. I loved the description of the characters especially Miss Trunchbull and Matilda’s parents. I loved the practical jokes Matilda played on her parents and Trunchbull.

I also loved the fact that this book contains references to so many other good books as well as a mini reading list. I think this is Dahl’s way of trying to get children to read more books. I enjoyed this book as a child and I appreciated it even more as an adult.

DOWN: None


5 stars


  1. Hortensia got thrown into ‘The Chokey’ because she put this in Miss Trunchbull’s knickers? Itching powder
  2. What is ‘The Chokey’? A tall and narrow dark cupboard where Miss Trunchbull locked the children up to punish them.
  3. “Looking at her, you got the feeling that this was someone who could bend iron bars and tear telephone directories in half.’ Who was Matilda describing? Miss Trunchbull.
  4. Matilda loved doing this more than anything else? Reading Books
  5. Matilda’s magical powers shot from here? Her eyes
  6. Matilda played tricks on these people because she disliked them as much as she did Miss Trunchbull? Her parents


Matilda knew no parent would ever believe this story: That Miss Trunchbull picked Amada Thripp up by the hair and threw her across the playground.

Read an excerpt here:

Visit Matilda here:


Story/Poem OR DRAW)

  1. What do you think would have happened if Matilda hadn’t lost her magical powers? Write a different ending for the book. 150 words OR write a review of the book. 100 words.


  1. Draw a picture
    of Miss Trunchbull based on her description in the book


  1. Write a limerick about the importance of reading books

Send your answers to

Entry requirements: Entrants must be within the 8-12 age range. The best entry will be announced on this page and will win a copy of this book.

Answers must be submitted before 12:00am on Monday, October 18th.

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