Mouth Almighty

51dckgDyn8L._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_ Title: Mouth Almighty

Author: Salilah Agbaje

Publisher: Spoken World Productions

Number of pages: 143

Type of Book: Fiction, Play

Age: 8+

Available here: Terrakulture, Victoria Island, Lagos

Price: N1200

MY SUMMARY (without the ending): Justice has a big mouth literally and figuratively. His mouth is quite large and he talks too much. He is also quite mischievous and inquisitive. Justice goes down the street to buy a pint of milk for his mother and ends up disappearing after meeting a strangely fascinating man, Mr. Cringe. Justice’s experiences with, and after Mr.Cringe make this both magical and realistic and make for a good read. This will make a great musical play for kids to try at home and in school. It comes with music sheets too!


UP: It is a musical play and I enjoyed imagining a group of child actors doing justice to the play. Mr. Cringe the evil/mad scientist was another highlight of this book for me.

DOWN: Well, it may be a weeeeeee bit boring. So how can a book be boring and interesting at the same time? I really don’t know ☺


3 stars


1. The name of the evil genius: Mr. Cringe.

2. How Justice and Tata planed to make some money: By making kids pay $5 to watch a performance by Bud and the Choir in Justice’s mouth.

3. The experiment Mr. Cringe carried out on Justice: He put a group of singing dwarfs in his mouth

4. The name of the dwarfs living in Justice’s mouth : Bud and the Choir

5. Who dons a private investigator’s hat and decides to find Justice alone: Emmanuel. Justice’s father.

6. Justice’s father’s vices: Gambling and Laziness.

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